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"Dollars Assange" is a limited edition print (100 ex.), numbered and signed by Pascal Boyart of the original work created in February 2021, made of one hundred real $USD bills, ripped and glued on canvas.

The original work was auctioned on in March 2021 and sold for 1 bitcoin: 
Wikileaks shared the auction on their socials.

30% of the sale (0.30 BTC) was donated to support Julian Assange's defense.
The funds was sent to the Bitcoin address displayed at the bottom of the work, then the private key of this address was given to Assange's wife.

Dollars Assange

  • Title: Dollars Assange

    Author: pascal boyart

    Production Date: Sept. 2021

    Medium:  Digital print on fine art paper (330g) at the Clot workshop in Paris

    Dimensions (H x W): 25.59 x 19.68" (65 x 50 cm)

    Certificate of Authenticity: Artwork authenticity is certified by and sent on your email after you receive the work.

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