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CryptoArt exhibition Bitcoin Art (r)evolution

Here are the photos of the first international Crypto Art exhibition: Bitcoin Art (r) evolution - Bitcoin Art (r)evolution - La rencontre entre l'Art et les crypto-monnaies

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the creation of Bitcoin, a dozen international and French artists from all backgrounds have gathered in Paris for an CryptoArt exhibition around the theme of crypto-currencies and the decentralization of the Internet.

From left to right: "Black Hawl", Yom de Saint Phalle, 2018. "Pixel Canyon", Mark Bern, 2015. "Crypto Anarchist Manifesto", Pascal Boyart, 2018.

"Filter" 2018, Josephine Bellini.

"Last Bitcoin Supper" 2014, Youl.

"1Flame6" 2014, Coin Artist aka Margerite deCourcelle.

"LEGO bricks" 2017, Andy Bauch.

"Pinocchio $" 2018, Yosh.

From left to right: "Burning fiat" Choq. "Draw you", "Justice under law", "Block head" Nanu Berks. "Danger: Debt" Pascal Boyart. "Pixel Canyon" Mark Bern.

"Dollars Nakamoto" 2018, Pascal Boyart.

"Justice under law" Nanu Berks.

"Burning Dollars" 2018, Choq.

"White Paper OG" 2018, Pascal Boyart.

The exhibition is open to the public and free, from September 28 to October 5 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 15 avenue de Messine, 75008 Paris.

The works are sold in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies: Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash.

Exhibited artists: Andy Bauch, Coin Artist, Josephine Bellini, Nanu Berks, Mark Bern, Yosh, Pascal Boyart, Yom de Saint Phalle, Youl, Choq, Ilies Issiakhem. More infos:

And here is the video of the opening realized by Samouraï Coop :


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