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Dollars Assange NFT collection - Days in Jail Counter

Dollars Assange is an NFT collection that interacts with the number of days Julian Assange has spent in prison

Each new day spent in prison by Julian, a new NFT will be automatically minted and distributed randomly to one of the owners of the collection.


The collection is Non Profit: the 1031 firsts NFTs has been airdroped for free to Pascal Boyart's NFT collectors the 4th of Feb 2022. The 2ndary market royalties are donated to the defense of Julian Assange to support him in this ordeal.

On the day Julian is released from prison, NFTs will cease to be issued and the total number will be permanently fixed.

The smarctontract and the web3 Dapp has been realized by Jolan.eth

This collection is based on the original "Dollars Assange" artwork released by Pascal Boyart in March 2021. The original piece was made with hundreds of real ripped US One Dollar Bills glued on canvas.


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