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Dollars Nakamoto NFT farming collection

Dollars Nakamoto is an NFT farming protocol who give you the choise to mint (or not) new NFTs from the ones you already own.

By owning a "Genesis" Edition (x210), you're able to mint nine new NFT "Generations" during the next 10 years. The farming of Generation Editions is regulated autonomously on-chain

Regulated by Eras

You can chose to mint one new Generation Edition per Era. As time goes on, the duration of each Era is doubled in length, exponentially increasing the time between minting Generations

The first Era is the minting of the Genesis Editions. As soon as the last Genesis Edition is minted, the Second Era begins and you will had one week to mint the 2nd Edition, then two weeks to mint the 3rd Edition and so on. The doubling of Era length continues until we reach the five-year long 10th and final Edition

210 Genesis + 210 Editions per Era = 2100 NFTs

It's entirely your decision to mint or not to mint, all Editions are pure derivative product of your Genesis NFT. If you want to keep your serial number unique, you can. If you want to mint a new one each Era to create a chain, you can. If you miss the 2nd edition, you still can mint the 3rd (but the 2nd will be impossible). So whatever you choose, it is up to you!

Supply regulated by the owners

This means, if the Genesis Edition owners don't mint all their future editions, the supply will be lower than the total supported supply of 2100

To mint your new NFTs from your Genesis NFTs, you can go to the Dollars Nakamoto "Dapp" (web3 interface). You can see which edition generation we are in and see how much time is left before the next era, then connect your wallet which contains your Genesis NFT, and finally launch the mint:

You can browse the Dollars Nakamoto NFTs on OpenSea, Rarible or LooksRare. The smartcontract and the web3 Dapp has been realized by Jolan.eth The animation of the NFT has been made by Fabien Bouadi

This collection is based on the original "Dollars Nakamoto" artwork released by Pascal Boyart in 2018. The original piece was made with hundreds of real ripped US One Dollar Bills glued on canvas.


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