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The Underground Sistine Chapel - The movie

The movie is available to everyone on YouTube since June 27, 2021.

The film is broadcast completely for free and without monetization. The original version of the film is in French and the subtitles can be activated in English. The film lasts 1h17. Good viewing!

NB If you liked the film, do not hesitate to share it to show it to as many people as possible.

The Underground Sistine Chapel is a documentary film that follows the construction of a modern Sistine Chapel, by Pascal Boyart, in the heart of a former gold foundry in an impoverished corner of the suburbs of Paris. Directed by Yohann Grignou & Antoine Breuil, founders at Samouraï Coop, this independent movie has been funded with cryptocurrencies, and will be released on censorship-resistant networks and available for free on the decentralized web. This movie is giving birth to 200 original NFTs, providing exclusive rare collectibles from this movie production: ➡

This art documentary immerses us in the history of a small secret world, which evolves under the radars of our societies. We discover people who have created their homes there, a fragile balance of strong personalities, surrealist stories. It is here that one of the most promising artists of his generation decided to create his new monumental work: A Modern Sistine Chapel. This art documentary is available for free on YouTube, but also on the IPFS network (link). To support the creation of free documentaries belonging to all, you can collect the NFTs produced by Samourai Coop!

A French documentary directed by Yohann Grignou & Antoine Breuil, Samouraï Coop.


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