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Solution of the puzzle Liberty leading the people 2019

Here's the solution of the Bitcoin puzzle contained in the fresco "La Liberté guidant le peuple 2019" located at 156 rue d'Aubervilliers in Paris. The riddle was solved today by @marabrito31 and Antoine Ferron. The latter posted on his twitter account; "@marabrito31 & I just found the @pascalboyart 's mural painting puzzle in Paris. We are very happy to win this race. We thank PBoy, @alistairmilne, and every people involved in this artwork for their creativity. " They managed to find the clues that led them to find the "private key" that gave them access to the funds (0.2891btc, about $ 1000 in the morning) and then transferred them to their address. Antoine tell us how he did in details here (in French).

Here is the transaction for the removal of funds visible on a blockchain explorer:

The puzzle consists of several parts and begins with a visible clue to the right of the fresco:

On the right of the fresco, in black on black, is written "Seed 12 words", which tells us that we must look for a Seed phrase of 12 words that can restore a Bitcoin wallet to access funds.

The first 6 words are hidden in the background as color strokes that hide words in binary from 6 basic colors (2 color bands for each letter):

These words, once deciphered, are: banker usury lie people fight hope

The other 6 words are hidden in the white background behind the woman who represents the allegory of Liberty (later known as Marianne), in the form of inscriptions that are revealed with black light:

In the fluorescent inscriptions, we can read: ATOUT, JPAVFLU, Y29uZHVpcmU=, dHJpb21waGU=, mq+cC6Ax2+8R8LAnEWgQnA == The first two words are encoded in Caesar cipher. With respectively a shift of 20 and 19, which gives us: union citizen The next two are Base64 encoded, which gives us: lead triumph And the last two are encrypted in 128bit AES with unlock key that was communicated to those who had found the fluorescent writings. This key is: 03012009 (Genesis Bitcoin Block Date in EU order). Once deciphered, the code gives us: horizon yellow

The answer to the puzzle is this seed phrase of 12 words in French language (chosen from the BIP39 list):

banker usury lie people fight hope union citizen lead triumph horizon yellow

Congratulations to the winners and all those who participated in this adventure!

To support the next frescoes and future projects of Pascal Boyart, you can apply your support in the form of donations in Bitcoin (btc) on this address: 1KKFT9Q9BWWMFtrDnfKuaDp32CZQ9Jd7Fg


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