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The Three Graces 2022

The Three Graces 2022

2 x 2.20m

Acrylic on linen canvas

and #installation with a bunch of 1000 Covid surgical masks

To see the Making of video:

Exhibited at the #UrbanArtBiennale 2022 @voelklinger_huette, collective #exhibition with around fifty international artists over a period of 7 months this summer.

The Three Graces are known as the Charities in Greek mythology, equated with the Graces by the Romans: goddesses of charm, beauty and creativity. Inseparable from each other, they personify life in all its fullness, and more specifically seduction, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility.

The worship dedicated to these deities, considered to be benevolent and lovable, was remarkable over time. They have inspired several subjects of art represented in dozens of paintings or sculptures but also in music and architecture... Among the most famous artists we can note: Botticelli, Cranach L'ancien, Rubens, Raphaël or Picasso .

Through this emblematic painting, I present a current and modern version of the Three Graces. Here the bodies are completely naked and the objects initially held in their hands (roses, dice, branch of myrtle, apples, etc.) are replaced by surgical masks which have become compulsory during the #Covid 19 crisis. Particular work has been done on the color of the skins and the gestures dominating the posture of the body. A gesture which, by an elegant and simple movement of the arm, frees itself from a whole unique system of thought in order to escape from it.

An 1/1 NFT is in progress and will be attached to the physical work in different ways (Augmented Reality and NFC chip). Update (November 20, 2022): The 1 of 1 edition NFT is up for auction on SuperRare until November 21, 2022 at 9pm CET:


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