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Tribute to Alotta Money

I did this work in the memory of Alotta Money. I miss you mon ami. I remember back in 2018 seeing your first works on Twitter, it was one year before we both minted our first NFTs. You made a lot of digital collages about crypto back then.

I didn't knew you was French before we had calls together. We was talking for hours, having fun and talking about our next works. I showed you how I minted my first NFTs, it wasn't so easy at that time... You gave me the whole cracked version of Adobe Creative Studio when I didn't had a penny. You learned me some tips on After Effect. Your animated works was masterpieces imo. You collected some of my works, we was close to collab on one of my upcoming pieces but we both was full on our projects. We really wanted to make it so we thought we would plan something together on one of our next works very soon! But it never happened, I heard that you passed away the lasts days of the winter 2022. That was a shock. For me & for all the artists you inspired & helped to onboard in the space. I wanted to do a physical work to remember your human kindness & irresistible sense of humor. I thought I'll make a collage with dollars bills on a canvas, inspired by your social media profile pic. I made it during one night at my studio in the end of last year.

In your memory, Trevor Jones and MakersPlace are holding a charity exhibition and auction. That's why I minted this 1/1 NFT Dollars Money Alotta, as the collab we never could do together. September 2, the piece will be live on auction on MakersPlace during 6 days (End September 8). Link to the auction: Auction Opens: 9/2/2023 ● 3pm BST / 7am PST / 10 am EST Auction Closes: 9/8/2023 ● 3pm BST / 7am PST / 10 am EST I'm glad to be part of this Tribute exhibition & auction thanks to Trevor Jones, MakersPlace and more than 26 artists. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to support cancer charity.


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