The Underground Sistine Chapel NFTs

New step in this crazy adventure of The Underground Sistine Chapel: the NFTs are available since May 23, 2021 on the OpenSea platform.

The 400 NFTs each represent one of the 400 characters from the Last Judgment Fresco. Each piece is a unique edition (1/1).

The Underground Sistine Chapel is a modern version of Michelangelo's masterpiece, painted by the artist Pascal Boyart aka "Pboy" during the 2020 lockdowns. It was produced over a period of 5 months in an former gold foundry in the outskirts of Paris.
The work, painted entirely with brushes, acrylic paint and inks, measures 8m (26ft) high, over an area of ​​100m2. It was produced by the artist alone, completely independently thanks to a crypto patronage through NFT presales. For more information, click here.

The work has received some success with the public and has also been relayed internationally by various medias (Straits Times, AFP, El Mundo, Luxemburger Wort, Le JDD ...) and art publications (Graffiti Art Magazine). However, the work remains ephemeral by nature since it is doomed to disappear because the building will be destroyed in the years to come. The only way to make it immutable is that it belongs to collectors who love it and who can make it last over time by giving it value thanks to the digital property that NFTs allow.

Also, a documentary film of 1h17 produced by Samouraï Coop is available in free access here: link.

PBoy is a major artist in CryptoArt; he is the first mural painter to have created street art NFTs from his frescoes in 2019.

The 400 NFTs below represent an individual focus on each of the 400 characters of the Last Judgment, they are numbered from 001 to 400:


To see the HQ picture, click on this link.

It is possible to collect the NFTs of the 400 characters by clicking directly on the images below:

In addition to the 400 characters from the Last Judgment (above), 3 other NFTs representing the 3 different scenes of The Underground Sistine Chapel were made:


• The last judgement

• The Creation of Adam

• The Temptation and Expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

These 3 NFTs above were sold last year for pre-sale to the patrons who financed the project before its realization. Indeed, this monumental work is a 100% independent project which was made possible thanks to this patronage in crypto-currencies (Bitcoin & Ethereum) which included the pre-sales of NFTs.

The patrons, 12 in number like the apostles, will receive their NFTs and preview prints as agreed during the presale:

WhaleShark (Tiers 4+) has acquired in presale the 1/1 NFT of the Last Judgment + his character (004) which appears in the Last Judgment.
Alistair Milne
(Tiers 4+) has acquired in presale the 1/1 NFT of The Creation of Adam + his character (187) which appears in the Last Judgment.
Le Cercle du Coin (Tiers 4) has acquired in presale the 1/1 NFT of The Temptation and the Explusion of the Garden of Eden + a character of its choice who appears in the Last Judgment.
Ben Oxmo, Lev et Miguel (Tiers 3) have acquired in presale an NFT of a character of their choice which appears in the Last Judgment.
Thomas France, Lwiskisky, Charles K, Nind, Ariarosey & Lionschark (Tiers 2) will receive like the other patrons mentioned above, a limited edition print of the Last Judgment fresco.
Thanks also to Conlan Rios (Tiers 1) for his support to the project.

FIY: To acquire these digital collectibles on OpenSea Marketplace, download the MetaMask app (for Android) or TrustWallet (for iOS & Android) directly from a smartphone. If you are using a desktop computer, you need a web browser (Firefox, Chrome), add the MetaMask extension and get Ethereum directly via MetaMask or on an cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase, or other.

All frescoes and NFTs are original creations signed by Pboy.

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@ Pascal Boyart