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Fresco Contemplations of the Red Jester

Update July 2020: The mural has been tokenized as NFT.

Update April 2021: The mural does not exist no more, it has been painted over.

"Comtemplations of the Red Jester" is a fresco painted by Pascal Boyart in rue de Montmorency, Paris.

Produced over a period of 2 days, as part of the #W_art festival at Galerie W in July 2020.

The fresco measures 3.50 x 6m.

This is a cover of the painting "Stańczyk" by Jan Matejko, with some additions from our time

In order to support future creations, a #QRcode #Bitcoin allows passers-by to financially support the artist through donations without any intermediaries.

In the same process of establishing alternative funding models for real creative independence, the fresco was "tokenized" in October 2020 in the form of a digital collectible "NFT" (Non Fungible Token).

The NFT is available on the OpenSea platform.

Presentation video of the NFT:

In order to make the work accessible despite the global context around the Covid19, we can also visit the work in 3D thanks to a photogrammetry taken by @234D which allows to see it in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality via SketchFab:

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