"Tokenization" in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens, created on the Ethereum blockchain) gives the possibility to collect immutable and non-reproducible digital tokens.

NFTs introduce scarcity into the digital world. They allow collectors to own digital works as NFTs.

Pascal Boyart is the first artist to have created NFTs from his street art murals. Each NFT is a unique or limited edition and can't be replicated. All the frescoes and corresponding NFTs are original creations signed by Pboy.
To find out more about the genesis of its first tokenized street art fresco as NFTs in 2019: article link

To access directly to the Street Art NFT collections, click on the images below:

Fresco 01 : "Daddy, what is money?"


First tokenized street art mural ever. The fresco is divided in 2 unique parts. Painted in 2017, the fresco is still visible at 64 rue Riquet, 75019 Paris. To see the full story of this first tokenized street art mural in NFT :  link post.

Fresco 02 : "Rembrandt back to the wall"

Second tokenized street art mural. The fresco is divided in 3 unique parts. Painted in 2018, the fresco is still visible on the rue Riquet bridge, 75019 Paris.

Fresco 03 : "Delacroix vs ECB"

Third tokenized street art fresco and first NFT mural ever animated. The fresco is divided in 2 unique parts. Painted in 2018 at L'Aérosol, 75018 Paris. The fresco has been covered and is not visible anymore.

Fresco 04 : "Liberty leading the people 2019"

4th tokenized street art mural. The fresco is divided in 100 unique parts. Painted in january 2019 in rue d'Aubervilliers, 75019 Paris., The fresco has been censored one month later by the prefecture de police of Paris (photo)..


"Liberty mural" is a special edition of 100 NFTs, minted on Rarible and airdroped to the owners of the Fresco 04 100 NFTs:

Fresco 05 : "The Desperate man 2019"

5th tokenized street art mural. The fresco is divided in 3 unique parts. Painted in May 2019 on the wall of rue Ordener, 75018 Paris. To date, the fresco has been covered and is not visible anymore.

Fresco 06 : "The Raft of the Medusa 2019"

6th tokenized street art mural (not divided in multiple parts). Unique edition. Original mural painted in September 2019 on the rooftop of a former gold fundry in Ivry-sur-Seine near Paris. This NFT is available on the SuperRare marketplace.

Fresco 07 : "Contemplations of the Red Jester"

Unique edition. Original mural produced in July 2020 in rue de Montmorency in Paris. The NFT is available on the OpenSea marketplace.

The NFTs of "The Underground Sistine Chapel"

The NFTs of The Underground Sistine Chapel are available: Each one represents one of the 400 characters of the fresco of the Last Judgment. In total, the 404 NFTs are all single editions (1/1).


The Underground Sistine Chapel is a modern version of Michelangelo's masterpiece, painted by Pascal Boyart during the 2020 lockdowns. The work was produced over a period of 5 months in an former gold foundry close to Paris.


The 404 NFTs are available by clicking here.

Fresco 09: "Madonna with a smartphone"

Ninth tokenized fresco. Unique edition . It is an interactive NFT which allows you to switch from day to night by clicking directly on it.
Original work produced in January 2020 in Pantin (a city near Paris).
The NFT is available on OpenSea .



Dollars NFT Collections are Multiple Edition series of NFTs made from physical works made from real US dollar bills ripped and glued on canvas by Pascal Boyart . These collections are experimenting with the smartcontract technology behind NFTs, with interactive experiments on the number of editions per collection and web3 interfaces (Dapp) connected to the Ethereum blockchain.

To collect artwork from the Dollars NFT collections, click on the images below:

Collection NFT Farming: " Dollars Nakamoto "

Dollars Nakamoto is an NFT protocol that gives collectors the right to mint new NFTs from those they already collect. This is a Multiple Edition which let the collectors to choose the final number of editions. To learn more, click on the image below.

Collection NFT Days in Jail Counter: " Dollars Assange "

Dollars Assange is an NFT protocol that interacts with the number of days journalist Julian Assange has spent in prison. This is a Multiple Edition that evolves over time.
Each day spent in jail mints automatically a new NFT in the collection. This new NFT is then automatically sent to one of the collectors chosen at random. This collection is "Non Profit"; the royalties are donated to the defense of Assange. To learn more, click on the image below.


To acquire these digital collectibles on OpenSea Marketplace, download the MetaMask app (for Android) or TrustWallet (for iOS & Android) directly from a smartphone. If you are using a desktop computer, you need a web browser (Firefox, Chrome), add the MetaMask extension and get Ethereum directly via MetaMask or on an cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase, or other.

To learn more about the genesis of Pascal Boyart's NFTs: article link.

Pascal Boyart's NFT collection on OpenSea

The Underground Sistine Chapel NFT collection on OpenSea


Pascal Boyart's account on SuperRare

Dollars Nakamoto NFT collection on OpenSea

Dollars Assange NFT collection on OpenSea