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Fresco Delacroix vs BCE

Update August 2019: The mural has been tokenized as NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

Update: the work does not exist no more

Fresco "Delacroix vs ECB" realized at L'Aérosol, Paris 18th discrit.

This portrait of the painter Eugène Delacroix who burns a 100 euros bill was painted during three days on a wall of 5 x 9 meters. It is a diversion of the autoportrait of the painter who appeared on the old 100 francs notes before the changeover to the euro. This mural is the third in a series that is part of the theme of the relationship between money and art. This is why on the right side of the fresco, the artist proposes a Bitcoin donation system via a QR code, which allows the public to support it directly without going through any intermediary. Just a smartphone with a Bitcoin wallet to send instant donations. To date, 0.12 Btc (about $ 1000) have been collected on all three works. It is possible to see the fresco at L'Aérosol, the former railway station of the 18th arrondissement of Paris now devoted to street art and graffiti: 54, rue de l'évangile, 75018 Paris.

Photo : Alywood

Pour voir l’œuvre en 360° sur Google Street View : Lien


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