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Fresco Rembrandt back to the wall

Update August 2019: The mural has been tokenized as NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

"Rembrandt back to the wall", Paris 2018.

Fresco produced on the rue Riquet bridge, without authorization or commisson, for the pleasure of giving color to the inhabitants of the district.

This portrait of Rembrandt who has to pay his debts to the tax services has been painted for two days in a row. The technique used is inspired by the pointillism of Georges Seurat and the dripping of Pollock.

Photo : Harvey Marshal

On the left side of the fresco, the artist proposes an innovative Bitcoin donation system thanks to a QR code that allows passers-by to support him directly without going through any intermediary. Just a smartphone with a Bitcoin wallet to send instant donations.

In a week, donations received in bitcoin already amount to several hundred euros (about 0.07 btc). A big thank you to all those who support!


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